All Bets Are Off

by Space Collector

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Space Collector at The Borg Ward between April 2014 and January 2015. All photos by Space Collector.


released January 30, 2015

Chris Valenti - Guitar/Vocals
Miles Harbury - Guitar/Vocals/Jew Harp
Ed Osburg - Bass/Vocals
Patrick Haga - Drums/Percussion/Vocals

Sax on We Need Pills/Weenie Pills and Funk 69 by Mike Pattow.



all rights reserved


Space Collector Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Rock and Roll, with a tendency for self-deluded space travel. Board the Space Collector and save the human race from ultimate self-destruction. There is still hope.

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Track Name: Hashmarks on your Hashmarks
Hosting a BBQ party
in our branch of the Milky Way
skating the craters of the moon
hollering at all the space babes
springtime is here, in our galaxy
we spend our time, surfing on photon waves
lazy river, on the rings of Saturn
we keep our beer, on Europa it's frozen
welcome our friends from lightyears away
surfing on photon waves
Track Name: Bulgar Dash
Cold wind blows over vast outwash plains
continuous gathering thoughts
through endless existence
just like rolling boulders
a vehicle is all a body is
stars explode, creating new life
one mind carried throughout time

Cold wind blows over ancient ice
sun exposed, won't be for long
rolling land forms just like the sky
out of this world where they fly

With each step, that we're taking
it shall be the step that leads
examples, they run deep through
deep cutting streams
meandering here and there to the
shorelines of our lives
bodies to dust, existence constant
eternal cosmic sky
Track Name: Mistress of Snack Cakes
So soft on my teeth
you let me sink in
encased in smooth whipped cream
the sight of you makes me salivate
open up and see me through

And come to me in crystal clean wrapping
rich sweet and smooth and satisfy me
and always be there, you make my
heart beat hard
your luxury and taste leave me
wanting more

I don't know, but I've been told
Sweet-cake woman ain't got no soul
Track Name: Tubes
Sitting at home, pulling tubes again
got the feeling that I want to move

Get in the car, gonna go away
got some good buds and a pound of weed
the air in our face, feeling free

Going on down, down to Mexico
make smoke along the way
getting real high, never coming home
cause fuck the U.S.A.
Track Name: We Need Pills/Weenie Pills
We need pills!
We need pills!
We need pills!
We need pills!

We need pills!
We need pills!
We need pills!
We need pills!
Track Name: Funk 69
Uncle Sam, you're such a wicked man
pinching pennies turning bricks to sand

Going to your castle, grow your hedges high
grown over windows and just stay inside

Fears now, weapon of choice in your war
on logic and on decent life for sure

We ain't got no right here in the city
beware of the man yeah, when he comes around
they know what you are now in the city
putting you inside an electric cell
moving to the country for some freedom
city life has got me kinda feeling down

Lived in the city all my life
violence chaos strife
all of the ways dreaming
of hunter gatherer days

His eyes they see the sun
and his face feels the breeze

Now on threshold of ultimate demise
on the eve of fire and blackened skies
Track Name: A Moment for Phyllis
Don't give up
you'll be a flower
Life is hard
when you're plagued by
an epidemic of poor decisions
caught up in collective laze
Track Name: Charlie Zippo
I'm too young to know what's right
but too old to keep this up
I don't know just how far
but I know which way to go
at the end lies pure death
on the way, only judgment
do I leave this treasure behind?

And sometimes I just want to cut right to the end
but I know there's people out there who's minds aren't
open to the things that make us feel like shit

Choose life
or choose death
I don't care either way
Track Name: Tiny Tim's Revenge
Millions of seconds will die
the essence of time
from the beginning
changes will forever thrive

The icey embrace
vacuum of space
living and dying
symptom of the human race

Light years across the sky
greed's the reason why
to take ownership of life
as if unlimited supply
Track Name: Drinking from the Ash Can
I hear wind on way
I see stars through ceiling
they rearrange in dark
singularity in spark
Track Name: Squid Miso
I was walking through the woods one day
happily skipping, marry and gay

I went to grandma's house one day
she looked at me and turned to say
Track Name: Is it True that the Universe Tastes Just Like Tomatoes?
Is it true that the universe tastes just like tomatoes but less acidic? I don't buy it man, no not me.
Track Name: Nickelbag Theme Song
The air smells like smoke
as I wake on the floor
scrounging around looking for more
then in the corner of the ash tray
I saw the one

The smoke burns my eyes
the others are passed out around me
all we need is five the outlook is doubtfully
if I don't find a nickelbag today I think I'll die